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Gynesis Point Engineered Solutions

Type: Private Company
Phone: +2712 549 0006
Fax: 0000000000

Short Description

Gynesis Point Engineered Solutions can be described in one brief sentence. A company with the sole intent of creating turbulence through inn

Long Description

Gynesis Point is a company which has been built on the following principles. Efficiency, Value, Transparency, Accountability, Sustainability and Upliftment. These are the values that the founders and management hold very close to their hearts and these are the values which are entrenched in every transaction, interaction and deal and activity we partake in. Gynesis Point Engineered Solutions prides itself in its business engagements across multiple sectors and industries and also in its adaptability and scalability, which affords us the ability to grasp and capitalize on opportunities as they arise. Our company started from humble beginnings and is growing from strength to strength. Our divisions include, but are not limited to, Gynesis Point Innovations, which is the ICT and R&D division of our organization. This is the division where most of the action happens. Gynesis Point Automotive, which engages in a multitude of business activities within South Africa's Aftermarket Automotive industry, and Gynesis Point Distribution, which is tasked with the business of identifying exceptional products which are under-distributed and redistribute them more efficiently. Our divisions and our organization as a whole will continue become more diverse and more elaborate as we grow.

Tabane Ledwaba: @elmon my Brother howsit
Nov 11th 2015, 8:45 am report
Ariel: @elmon What does this company do?
Nov 23rd 2015, 9:34 am report
Elmon Mduduzi Leballo: @ariel Web Development, Aooplication Development, Software Development, Network Installations
May 23rd 2016, 1:55 pm report
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