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Advertising on Qwertymates

Who or What is an advertiser on Qwertymates?

Anyone who creates adverts on Qwertymates for the purpose of having the ads displayed on

Who or What is a publisher on Qwertymates?

All those who create groups and writes blogs on Qwertymates and benefiting from the ads displayed within the groups and/or blogs.

Qwertymates for Advertisers

How does advertising work on Qwertymates?

An advertiser creates an ad, chooses display options and starts the ad which will await approval by Qwertymates, before an advert can run, an advertiser must have a positive balance.

What ad types are currently supported on Qwertymates?

The following types of ads are supported:

  • Image ads
  • Text ads
  • Images accompanied by text message (Image + Text ads)

Which ads get displayed?

The system chooses ads to display based on a bidding amount set by an advertiser on that particular ad.

Are ads created on Qwertymates displayed on other websites?

No, Qwertymates ads are only displayed only on

Qwertymates for Publishers

How does the process work on Qwertymates for publishers?

If you have created a group, ads will be displayed on your group and revenue generated by these ads will be shared with you.